Keeping your home looking like a furniture showroom for long stretches isn’t easy.  Here are a few tips to keep your house ready for showings while you’re still living in it.

1. Attack the clutter

As you prepare your home for showing, start with major decluttering.  Throw out, recycle, or give away things you don’t use.  Getting rid of junk will make your home more appealing to prospective buyers and free up space for you to neatly store things when it’s tim to tidy up for showings.

2. Rent storage space.

Keeping things neat is easier when you have less things.  An off-site storage unit can help (and you can keep it as messy as you like).

3. Start packing

Packing most of your dishes and large baking and cooking items frees up cabinet space that you can use to stash items you use on a regular basis.  It also gives you a head start on packing  for your move.

4. Rope off a room– or two

If you can, temporarily rope off rooms or areas from the kids, pets, or spouse to contain your mess in a smaller space while your house is listed.  But remember to make those rooms look nice, too, before the showing!

5. Buy hiding spots

The home sections of discount stores are filled with attractive fabric boxes and fashionable bins that can simultaneously hide junk and match your decor.

6. If all else fails, stash it under the bed

Invest in a couple of under-the-bed bins that you can use to store everything from socks to kids toys in when faced with a last-minute showing.

When showing your home, it pays to work with professionals–call Team Thomson today!